Catania Tango Festival 2019

It's a new funny event!


Milonga Stages

The Milonga, a dialogue of two bodies that seek not only the deep connection as in the Tango, but above all the fun, the interpretation of the rhythm and the total improvisation.

A dance with strong influences of Afro music that still contains some essential aspects such as freedom of expression and rhythm. In these stages of deepening with increasing difficulty held by the various Masters of the Festival, we will take care of the technique, the musicality, the classic steps, but we will try to give too much importance to improvisation.

The stafe are proposed to give more opportunities to those who want to take a closer look at the study of this discipline.

stage milonga catania tango festival

Cost of the complete package (4 lessons): 90 €
possibility to select 3 - 2 -1 lessons and the single lessons can be combined within the couple lessons

Saturday 11 August 14:45 Gustavo e Gisela MIL1B/C - intermediate / advanced 2
Synday 12 August 14:45 Joe e Lucila MIL2 B/C - intermediate / advanced 2
Wednesday 15 August 14:45 Miguel e Daiana MIL1C/D - advanced 2
Friday 17 August 14:45 Carlitos e Noelia MIL2 B/C - advanced 2