One way to get to the milonga comfortable, easy and convenient!

Discover an affordable way to go to the milonga every night! CTF Taxi Fare, is the agreement signed with the local taxi company.

Traveling in a "pool" will save and you will achieve our milongas quickly and safely. The logistic support of the Festival will help to organize the pools to share taxis (see below)

ctf taxi

To take advantage of the Convention signed with a local Taxi Company You have to call the telephone number +39 095.8833 and say that it is a call for the "Taxi agreement - Tango Festival"

Even when you will arrive at Catania Airport you can take advantage of the Agreement Taxi - Tango Festival

just call the number +39 095.8833 and wait for a taxi on the platform "Departures" of the airport: with the escalators in the "Arrivals" area come up on the first floor (that is the "Departure" area) and out of the departure lounge of the airport looking for the taxi rank just come out of the building

Tariffe taxi (4 POSTI)

Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro Aeroporto 20,00 €
Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro Stazione Centrale 18,00 €
Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro P.zza Duomo 15,00 €
Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro P.zza Stesicoro 18,00 €
Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro P.zza Teatro Massimo 15,00 €
Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro P.zza Verga 18,00 €
Romano Palace Hotel / Lido Azzurro P.zza Europa 20,00 €
Miramare / Cucaracha Lido Azzurro 10,00 €
Airport Stazione Centrale 20,00 €
Airport P.zza Duomo 20,00 €
Airport P.zza Stesicoro 20,00 €
Airport Hotel Piazza Teatro Massimo 18,00€
Airport Hotel Piazza Verga 20,00€
Airport Hotel Piazza Europa 20,00€
Airport Hotel Lido Azzurro 15,00€
Airport Hotel stazione centrale 18,00€
Airport Hotel Piazza Duomo 18,00€

Rates are valid also for the possible reverse path.
The above rates are valid for up to 4 pax, 5 to 8 pax must be added € 2,0 per pax.

It is specified that the above listed rates are inclusive of any supplements (holidays, luggage, night) and it should also be remembered that the collective taxi is allowed, with intermediate stops on the same road for the destinations to be reached, with supplements to be agreed with the driver considering the route and intermediate stops.

Pools will be organized as

1) From downtown hotels to the milongas:

the organization to go to the milonga is autonomous: the interested parties try to form pool with the guests of the hotel itself or nearby hotels and call a taxi by himself. At the call of the taxi specify: "Fare agreement TANGO FESTIVAL"

2) From milongas to Downtown Hotels:

at the Festival info point (located inside the exposures within the milonga) members of staff of the CTF will collect the requests for leaving the milonga (directed to the the Hotel); and soon they will form a pool of 4 people (taxi) or 6 people (minivan) the will call the taxi, will give the name of the taxi to the members of the pool, and ask to the pool members to go to the entrance to the milonga wait for the taxi booked

In collaboration with SOCIALTAXI Catania www.8833.it