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Maria de Buenos Aires - Sensaciones de Tango

Maria de Buenos Aires is a Tango opera created by Astor Piazzolla with text by Horacio Ferrer. Piazzolla saw it as a small work, an "operita tango". It is a rather surreal work where Astor Piazzolla inserts all the stereotypes of the characters of Buenos Aires who move in the scenes of everyday life from dawn to after sunset, when a whole movement takes place in the city. And the principal show of the CataniaTangoFestival 2018 wants to present a sequence of songs played (the Ensemble "Mariposa" with Marisa Mercadè bandoneon guest and the voice of Sandra Rumolino, beautiful Piazzolla's Maria) and dances (the stellar cast of the Festival, five couples of world-famous tango dancers).

tango suite show 2016


The show wants to present, therefore, a short but intense "history of tango" that with the common thread of the stories of Maria de Buenos Aires will move in an extraordinary repertoire dedicated to great authors such as Gardel, Villoldo, Discepolo, as well as the same Piazzolla, an elegant and refined review of these great artists who with their sensitivity and style, have managed to keep intact and, at the same time, to renew the compositions that have accompanied generations across the ocean. A show of Argentine tango, therefore, based on the continuous flow of emotions that this dance evokes, arouses, reworks.

A show of music and dance that immerses the viewer in the atmospheres of the "barrios porteños" where the tango becomes a metaphor for life and love. And next to María, born in a poor suburb of Buenos Aires "one day that God was drunk", will move and manifest various elements of the suburbs of Buenos Aires that chase a story, surreal and visionary, in an intriguing mix of "tanguera" tradition, jazz and contemporary music.

"I'm tired of hearing, that what I do is not tango and because I'm annoyed, I tell you it's okay, that what I do is Buenos Aires music, so what's it called? ... Tango, so what I do is Tango ..." (Astor Piazzolla).

9:30 pm “La Plaza”
Lido Azzurro Catania

Cast: Daiana Guspero and Miguel Angel Zotto / Lucila Cionci and Joe Corbata / Gisela Natoli and Gustavo Rosas / Adrian Veredice and Alejandra Hobert / Donatella and Angelo Grasso
Live Music: Ensemble Mariposa - ft. Marisa Mercadè (bandoneon) / Sandra Rumolino (voice)

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