The CTF2018 Program is in progress

Intermediate Seminar

"Sacadas, Pivots & More"

Michelle & Joachim will present two seminars: the first one for intermediate (Levels B/C - three/four years of tango experience), the second one foradvanced/Master (Lev D - more than five years of tango experience), both for tango dancers with proven experience who wish to study the tango in depth.


During this four-day seminar we will explore many types of pivots and sacadas for leaders and followers.

We will learn how to make the sacadas feel easy, controlled and smooth as silk. Some potential goals:

  • Understanding the structure and logic of various types of sacadas
  • Mastering the preparation for sacadas: technique for pivots and overturned pivots
  • Anticipation, creating and occupying space
  • Spirals and "internal acceleration"
  • Vectors, geometry, orientation of sacadas
  • Leading and following more complex sacadas like back sacadas and combinations of multiple sacadas
  • Comfortable, elastic and/or close embrace for various sacadas

They invite you to explore these and many more questions with them, to find answers that will help you improve your dancing and find more pleasure on the dance floor. They hope that you can take what you learn in this seminar and apply it to all of your tango repertoire.

H: 16:30 - 18:00
Days: August 12-13-14-15
Level: Intermediate

The group will be a limited number (max 20 couples) so the advice is to book for time.

MichelleJoachim 2


Advanced / Master Seminar

"The Joy of Vals"


During this four-day seminar for Advanced and Master level dancers, we will study different figures and combinations varying from simple to more complex, all designed to be used on the dance floor for vals. With these combinations of steps, we will explore:

  • Technique and connection
  • Control and orientation
  • Use of weight and counterweight
  • Rhythmic variations and musicality
  • Flow and dynamic
Date Hour
12, 13, 14, 15 Agosto 14:45 - 16:15

The group will be a limited number (max 20 couples) so the advice is to book for time.

FyA 09 083


After the workshop, all participants will receive a certificate of participation with the number of hours, signed by Michelle & Joachim and personally delivered by teachers on the last day of class.

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