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Seminari Murat e Sigrid

The Murat and Sigrid partnership is now recognized in the most prestigious tango events in Europe and beyond. They have gained a huge popularity all over the world because it is very rare to see a proposed teaching with such simplicity and clarity.

Murat Erdemsel comes with an original and analytical understanding of the dance. Widely known for his charisma and his musicality, his background as a painter and musician provides him with the perfect mix of the senses for the movement of bodies through time and space.

Sigrid has had an eclectic career in dance for almost 20 years, covering many disciplines with a strong emphasis on real perfectionist. With great artistic talent and considerable teaching experience, she will propose during the workshop her powerful and personal vision of the Tango.

Murat and Sigrid will present two workshops: the first for intermediate (Level B / C - two / three years of tango experience), the second for advanced / master (Liv D - more than four years of tango experience), for tango dancers with proven experience who wish to explore the themes proposed by the Masters. The seminar lessons can also be attended individually as the subject matter, although part of a larger development, may also be considered as deepening of a single argument.

Intermediate Seminar

Time: 14:45 - 16:15
Days: 12-13 August
Level: Intermediate

catania tango festival seminari Sigrid and Murat Portrait 2

Description: Creativity and Partnership

You will play with challenging mind and body exercises that takes the dancers out of their bad habits and get more creative.

As always musicality will be incorporated in these classes. Vocabulary with useful steps that can stay with the dancers forever.

Advanced / Master Seminar

Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Days: August 12-13-14-15
Level: Advanced / Master

catania tango festival seminari Sigrid and Murat Portrait 1


Finding more peaceful dancing that improves social dancing with advanced musicality and connection skills.

The Teachers want to concentrate on making all their students master the skill of social dancing, to be the most desired dancer for both leaders and followers.

  • musicality (including "how to dance to Biagi's music")
  • finding unforgettable intimate moments that will make your partner remember you forever.
  • using the power of space and silence for calming, peaceful yet mature style of dancing.
  • exceptional skills of using the floor and ronda to be the most respected dancers in milongas for both men and women.
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