Workshop Musicalizadores

tango dj

The workshop is aimed at tango musicalizadores but also for those who want to know the tango through the history of the orchestra that has guaranteed planetary diffusion. Gabriel Sodini will present, in fact, a general course (TJ1-TJ2-TJ3) and a technical-practical course (TJ4 - TJ5)

General Course (TJ1-TJ2-TJ3)

11 - 12 - 13 August (16:30 - 17:45)

We will study the characteristics of the main orchestras that have made the history of tango from the beginning of the last century to our days with particular attention to the characters, places and anecdotes of the protagonists of the beginning and the evolution of tango up to the present day.

Three meetings of pleasant listening and learning.

Practical Technical Course (TJ4-TJ5)

16 - 17 August (16:30 - 17:45)

The course already provides an acquired knowledge of the characteristics of the main orchestras (the participants in the general course can follow the Technical-Practical).

The technique and the tricks to follow will always be the subject of the course to keep the energy alive within a tango evening.

An introduction to the technology and equalization of sound will be taken care of and a meticulous classification of the Orchestras will be performed (much more in-depth and structured than in the general course).

During the Baile de Despedida on August 18th at the Lido Azzurro, Gabriel's students will propose some tandas created at the end of the course.