Stage Tango Vals

A full immersion to learn all the details of this rhythm. Fundamental characteristics are the continuity and fluidity that must be obtained without detachments between the various figures performed by the dancers, linking the various steps in a continuous movement without abrupt stops, in a sort of circularity.

Fluidity and fluency must be, however, combined with improvisation, freedom and imagination.

Topics that will be developed: study of the musical and rhythmic structure - rhythmic interpretation in dance - application in accelerations.

stage tango vals catania tango festival 2018

Cost of the complete package (3 lessons): € 70
possibility to select 2 -1 lessons and the single lessons can be combined within the couple lessons

Saturday 10 August 16:30 Ariadna and Fernando Vals1 C/D 1
Sunday 11 August 14:45 Fabian and Lola Vals2 C/D 2
Tuesday13 August 18:00 Neri and Yanina Vals1 B 2
Thursday 15 August 18:00 Maja and Marko Vals2 B 2
Saturday 17 August 14:45 Facundo and Vanesa Vals3 C/D 2

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