Fabian & Lola Seminars

Tango evolution: from the so-called "traditional tango of the 40s" to today's tango

Description: The seminar is aimed at the "Advanced / Master" level of learning> over five years of dance experience. For experienced tango dancers who want to study the tango in depth> 6 hours package (4 meetings of 1.5 hours)

Teachers have considered, with modules of this type, to transmit the elements useful for the acquisition of a universally perceived style.

The group will be a limited number (max 20 pairs) for which the advice is to book early.

The Masters will work on the differences that have been produced with the evolution of tango. How the static sacadas became dynamic, how the ganchos were modified, what were the original boleos and what types of boleos exist today, how the out-of-axis (colgadas and volcadas) appeared and what technique is needed to make them. The goal will be to acquire a tango danced with mastery and control.

 At the end of the seminar all participants will receive a certificate of participation with the number of hours, signed by Fabian and Lola and delivered personally by the teachers on the last day of class. 

11, 12, 13, 14 August 16:15 - 17:45 1 Seminar advanced/master level

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