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Ensemble Mariposa

A single common denominator: the passion for tango in all its forms... listened, danced, played.

Tango dancers, instrument teachers

The Ensemble Mariposa is inspired by the classical tradition of the Argentine tango of the "Golden Age" for the type of song arrangements.

The tango for the Ensemble Mariposa is culture, a meeting that does not need words, social masks, but just listening to another body, along with music.

Members of the Ensemble:

  • Emilia Belfiore (violin)
  • Denis Marino (guitar)
  • Seby Burgio (piano)
  • Kim Baiunco (bass)
  • Marisa Mercadé [Arg] (bandoneon)

The ensemble was founded in 2011, thanks to the encouragement of Angelo Grasso and Elena Alberti, immediately becoming the strenght of CataniaTangoFestival 2011.

The Ensemble Mariposa consists of Italian-Argentine musicians and proposes the classics of Argentine tango in original arrangements, developed specifically for the Ensemble: a vast repertoire of songs perfect to accompany dancing (during milonga or shows) or simply for listening.

These music programs are carefully selected and differentiated for the several different purposes.

The Ensemble Mariposa, during these years of intense activity performed concert in the most important milongas, it has also been a guest on several Argentine Tango Festival, and for the occasion international couples of artist have danced on his music (Zotto y Guspero, Barrios y Melo, Corbata y Cionci, Veredice y Hobert, Rosas y Natoli, Reis y Lavandeira, Cardozo y Klurfan, Murat y Michelle Erdemsel).


"The Argentine Tango is an indestructible virus:
not all become infected, but when it happen this is irreversible."

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Sandra Rumolino

Sandra Rumolino is part of this category of singer who delivers pure emotion through her voice, her subtle and refined phrasing and her attitude like a feeling that appears with evidence on each song.

Her strong and luminous charm allows us to re discover Tango, smothered in gomina for too long by the old stereotypes. It is with a unique and feminine proposal that she knows how to interpret with depth and subtlety the famous Argentinian spleen.

Just like the Tango, she was born in Buenos-Aires but it is to get to Paris and from there that she will cross the world. Ever since her Parisians debut in 1987, at the famous Argentinian Cabaret Les Trottoirs de Buenos-Aires she became an accomplice to - amongst many others - the Bandeonionist Juan-José Mosalini, as well composers and piano innovators such as Gustavo Beytelmann or Gerardo Jerez-Le Cam and she always has been accompanied or invited by great musicians like Cello player Ophélie Gaillard lately in her Tango repertoire.

We can only refer to the numerous recording she took part of as guest except for her three solo albums Automne, Por La Vuelta and Viento Sur. Also actress, she regularly offered her talent to numerous theatrical creations from metteur en scene such as Alfredo Arias, Camilla Saraceni or Julie Brochen as she often blends singing with theatre and dance. Her talent to interpret the Operita Maria de Buenos-Aires by Astor Piazzola and Horacio Ferrer has been recognized by many metteur-en-scene in several European countries.

She recorded in February 2016 with the orchestra Sinfonia from Varsovia a brand new version, with custom made musical arrangements written by the great polish guitarist Krzysztof Meisinger. Her collaboration with guitarist Kevin Seddiki allows us to hear another repertoire, made of her own compositions and a very varied collection, not stranded to Tango. We find ourselves immersed in these rhythms, intonations and styles in which she evolves with a modern twist, different and truthful.

Sandra has been touring the most prestigious venues across Europe and the whole world for many years now, proud of her Argentinian culture and her Latin identity, as a curious soul, ready sometimes for the most unexpected musical fusions... Even if the tango stays its source of inspiration and the place where she come to draw all his interpretations.

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catania tango festival tango harmony

Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra

The predecessor of the orchestra was founded in 1998 with the leadership of Katatin Bartha. Enchanted by the music of Argentinean Astor Piazzolla the orchestra began to build their repertoire.

Therefore Tango Harmony has been invited to play at several concerts and shows. They play Piazzolla’s music as well as traditional tangos, valses, milongas and music composed by the group’s pianist György Lázár.

Tango Harmony orchestra performs at festivals, in theatres, at business programs with customised concerts or tango shows and welcomes invitations within and outside Europe.

Since 2002 they have been playing music for evening events and shows.

Performances include locations such as the National Dance Theatre of Hungary and the milongas of International Tango Festival Danubiando.

Members of the orchestra:

  • Alejandro Szabo (arg) - bandoneon
  • Katalin Bartha (hun) - violino, violincornetto, vocale, art director
  • Péter Bartha (hun) - bandoneon
  • György Lázár (hun) - pianoforte, vocal
  • Ottó Nagy (HUN) - violoncello, viola da gamba
  • Gábor Piukovics (hun) - contrabbasso
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Catania Tango Festival - Art's Harmony
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