Gisela Natoli and Gustavo Rosas

Versatility and sensuality in combination with the elegance

Gustavo and Gisela are a young couple who make an excellent combination of the Traditional Tango with the New elements (Tango Nuevo).

Their versatility and sensuality in combination with the elegance, sympathy and plasticity give them a personal style.

Gustavo Rosas

gustavo rosas y gisela natoli

Gustavo Rosas is Dancer, coreographer, deejay and Master of Argentine Tango from 1992. He has studied with Angel Sinde, Puppy Castelo, Gloria and Eduardo, Carlos Gavito, Raúl Bravo, Portalea, Nito y Elba, Pepito y Susuky Avellaneda, Carlitos Perez, Héctor Chidichimo, Osvaldo Zotto, Carlos y Maria Rivarola, Gustavo Naveira, among others.

He has performed as Argentinian Tango Master in The United States, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Luxemburgo, Holland,etc.

He has participated as a Dancer of Tango in: the International Congress of Tango Argentino (C.I.T.A)(Created By Fabian Salas)(Argentine),Paris Tango Festival(France),Nora s Tango Week(USA) ,Brussels Tango Festival(Belgium),Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Argentine), among others.

He was part of the cast of the Tango Shows : 'Tango Metrópolis', 'Tango Historias Breves', 'Tangos de la Cábala', 'Piazzolla Tango', etc.

His partners before were: Paula Rubin, Mayte Valdes, Guillermina Quiroga, Cristina Cortes, among others.

He was Tango Dancer in Taconeando,Chiquin and Piazzolla Tango.

He has tooked part of the film ¨Vientos the cambio ¨(Directed By Campanella), 12 Tangos(Directed By Arne Birkenstock) and TV; series for the Spanish,American,Italian Television(RAI).

Also,Gustavo performs as a Tango Dee Jay 'Dj Gus' Tangos, Valses and Milongas on vinyls in Milongas of Buenos Aires and many Tango Festivals around the World. He plays Tango Music with Discos

Link Dj Gus.Tangos on Vinyls:

Gisela Natoli

gisela nataoli tango argentino

Gisela Natoli is Master, Coreographer and Dancer of Tango with background in Classical and Modern Dance.

She has graduated from the Teatro Gral. San Martin (Taller de Danza Contemporanea). She has tooked part as a Dancer in the famous ¨ Contemporary Ballet of San Martin´s Theater ¨(Buenos Aires) and later in the Company `Tangokinesis`, managed by Ana Maria Stekelman.

She has performed within Argentine and abroad (Mexico, Colombia, United States, Canada, Italia, France, Greece, Germany) and in the following Tango Festival: La Biennal de Lyon(France), Festival Americartes in Washington D.C(Kennedy Center)(Usa), Festival ¨El Tango se tomo Bogota¨ (Colombia), Festival Herren Hansen (Hannover, Germany), Festival de Tango de la Ciudad de Bs As(Argentine). She has tooked part in the Movie "Tango Desire" Directed by Edgardo Kozarinsky.

gustavo rosas gisela natoli

Gustavo and Gisela as Master of Argentine Tango have participed in severals Tango Festivals: Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Buenos Aires), 8th Cumbre Mundial de Tango in Bariloche (Bariloche), Sitges Tango Festival - 2010 (Sitges/Spain), Zurich Tango Festival - 2010 (Zurich/Suisse), New Zealand Tango Festival - 2010/12/13 (New Zealand), Couleur Tango Festival - 2012 (Paris /France), Firenze Tango Festival - 2010/13 (Italy), Luzern Tango Festival 2010/11/12 (Suisse), Alghero Tango Festival - 2010/11/12(Italy), Nice Tango Festival 2009 (Nice/France), Belgrade Tango Festival - 2008/10/11 (Serbia), Hamburg Tango Festival 2010 (Germany), Aix-Les-Bains Tango Festival - 2010/12 (France), Kerallic Tango Festival - 2006/10/11 (France), Granada Tango Festival 2008 (Spain), Almeria Tango Festival - 2008 (Spain), Palma de Mallorca Tango Festival - 2008 (Spain), Catania Tango Festival 2010/11/12/13 (Italy), Oulu Tango Festival - 2010/11/12 (Finland), Nimes Tango Festival -2009 (Nimes/France), International Meeting of Tango in Torino - 2009 (Italy), International Tango Meeting - 2012 (Valencia), Tango Fantasy 2009 (Anveres/Belgium), Prayssac Tango Festival - 2010 (France), Paestum Internationally Congress of Tango 2009 (Italy), Ettlingen and Karlsruhe Tango Festival (Germany), Ludwigsburg Tango Festival (Germany), Pulpo´s Tango Week - 2010 (Buenos Aires), 1st International Tango Festival at the Sea - 2010(Egypt,Turkie,Greece,Cyprus,Tunez), White Nights Tango Festival - 2012/13 (Russia), Vancouver Tango Festival - 2011 (Canada), Monaco Tango Festival - 2012 (Monaco), Palermo Tango Festival - 2012/13 (Palermo).

Tango Workshops in :Coppenhage (Denmark), Sweeden,Brussels,Gent,Leuven (Belgium), Sofia(Bulgary), Ginebra(Swiss), Valetta(Malta), Lisboa(Portugal), Sttutgart,Karlsruhe, Ludwinsburg(Germany), Marseille,Aix-en-Provence, Nimes, Corcega,(France), Napoles, Rome, Turin, Sicily, Milano, Cerdeña, Viareggio, (Italy), Amsterdam (Holland), England,U.S.A, etc.

They have Coreographed and conducted the Show ¨El Tango y la Sombra¨ in the Maipo Theatre in Buenos Aires(Argentina) and as part of the ''Tango Buenos Aires Show'' they have been coreographing and performing 67 times all over the U.S.A. Also they have been performing together with The ''Color Tango Orchestra'' ,Sexteto Milonguero,Ensemble Hiperion, etc.

They have produced 4 Dvd´s of Tango Lessons ¨Colgadas Volcadas Vol 1¨( Basic-Intermediate Level) ,¨Colgadas y Volcadas Vol 2¨ (Intermediate-Advanced Level) and ¨Milonguero Nuevo Vol 1¨ (Beginner-Intermediate .Advanced level),''Milonguero Nuevo''Vol 2 (Intermediate-Advance Level) showing their own style of Teaching Tango.

The Dvd's were filmed in Club Gricel,Salon Canning and Club Sin Rumbo.

They give Tango Workshops in Escuela Argentina de Tango(Galerias Pacifico) and Private Lessons.¨Buenos Aires.Argentina¨.

They performed in Main Milongas in Buenos Aires: Salon Canning, Sunderland, Club Gricel, La Viruta, Glorias Argentinas, Cachirulo, La Ideal, Club Fulgor (Milonga 10),etc.

Gustavo Rosas & Gisela Natoli / Facebook:Gustavo Rosas y Gisela Natoli