Yanina Quiñones and Neri Piliu

Neri and Yanina, the new revelation of Tango

Internationally renowned artists, Neri and Yanina are two young Argentine artists who have many experiences in the tango world and sees them constantly protagonists of festivals, tours and seminars of Tango around the world. Have studied for many years with Carlos Perez y Rosa Forte and Vanessa Villalba y David Leguizamon, dancers and directors of famous company "Forever Tango".

In 2006 and 2007 they won the pre-mundial escenario tango and tango salon and in 2008 won their second place in the mundial of Buenos Aires! They held classes in the famous school of "Carlos Copello" in Buenos Aires and in the "School of Argentine tango" and have worked with some of the most famous Argentine tango orchestras including "Color Tango" and "Los Reyes" D'Arienzo.

Were part of the "Company of the nation Argentina" and were part of the "Society of Tango" by Natalia Hills and the company "Tango por dos" Miguel Anguel Zotto. In 2012 formed his own company "Tango Rouge Company" which produced the show Noches de Buenos Aires who is enjoying international success with which tread some of the most important opera houses in Italy and the world.

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