Workshop Musicalizadores

tango dj

The workshop is built for tango musicalizadores but also for those who want to know the tango through the history of the orchestras that have ensured the worldwide spread.

Gabriel Sodini presents, in fact, techniques and tricks to follow to keep alive the energy within a tango evening but also the characteristics of the major orchestras that have made the history of tango from the beginning of last century to the present day. Two (or four) classes of pleasure listening and learning.

During the Mid-August night no limits at August 14th at the Lido Azzurro, Gabriel Sodini host within its selections some tandas created by the students of the course.


TJ-1 Beginner/Intermediate Saturday 11 16:30/17:45
TJ-2 Beginner/Intermediate Sunday 12 16:30/17:45
TJ-3 Advanced Monday 13 16:30/17:45
TJ-4 Advanced Tuesday 14 16:30/17:45