Tango suite show: Tradición y Vanguardia

In the music the suite is a set of songs for a solo instrument, a chamber ensemble or an orchestra, related and designed to be played in sequence and this is supposed to be "Tango suite show: Tradición y Vanguardia" one of the two principal shows of the Catania Tango Festival 2019, a sequence of songs played (the Ensemble "Mariposa" and the “Tango Sonos Quartet”) and danced (the stellar cast of the Festival, three couples of tango dancers world-famous).

The shows aims to present, then, a short but intense "history of tango" drawn through an extraordinary repertoire dedicated to the great authors like Gardel, Villoldo, Discepolo, Piazzolla, an elegant and refined reinterpretation of these great artists with their sensitivity and figure style, they managed to keep intact and at the same time, to renew, the compositions which accompanied generations of overseas.

A show of Argentine tango based on the continuous flow of emotions that this dance evokes, provokes, reworks.

A show of music and dance that immerses the spectator in the atmosphere of the "barrios porteños" where the tango becomes a metaphor for life and love.

tango suite show 2016

Tango suite Clàsico y Contemporáneo

Sunday 11th August - 21:30 - “La Plaza” Lido Azzurro
Ensemble Mariposa - Live
Cast: Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz - Joe Corbata and Lucila Cionci - Fernando Sanchez and Ariadna Naveira - Neri Piliu and Yanina Quiñones- Angelo and Donatella Grasso

Tango suite Tradición y Vanguardia

Saturday 17th August - 21:30 - “La Plaza” Lido Azzurro
Tango Sonos Quartet - Live
Cast: Julio Balmaceda and Virginia Vasconi - Joe Corbata and Lucila Cionci - Facundo Pinero and Vanesa Villalba - Marko Miljevic and Maja Petrovic

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